Licensed by the State of Alabama Private Investigation Board

Private Investigations


Undercover agents stay invisible.

Business owners often need to get to the bottom of problems inside their business but are isolated from the information.  An undercover private investigation can provide insight that would otherwise not be accessible.  Our private investigators are available for long or short term assignments. 

Fraud / Worker's Comp

Birmingham investigator films insurance claimant.

Getting to the truth about an insurance or injury claim can be difficult.  Our team of private investigators can help you discover and prove the truth.  Starting a private investigation for your case is easy.  Give Investigation Services a call.    

Due Diligence

Birmingham private investigator conducts research.

Our detectives have years of experience in conducting due diligence private investigations.  Along with our research specialists, we can give you better insight into the new partnerships you are considering.  


Divorce Investigations

Do you suspect infidelity in your relationship?  A discreet, professional private investigation can help give you peace of mind.  It is best to start this type of investigation as early as possible.   

Missing Persons

Private detective finds missing persons.

Our detectives can help you locate missing family members, assist with finding birth parents or track down witnesses for testimony and legal matters.  Reconnecting lost family members is one our favorite private investigation.    

Child Custody

Child custody issues can be resolved.

Child custody disputes can be complex and difficult to resolve.  Our private investigators are familiar with the types of evidence you need for your case.  We consider the safety of the child first in every case we work.  A private investigation may also provide you additional unexpected insight.