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TCSM Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (Bug Sweeps)

Do you feel like someone is always one step ahead?  They may be monitoring you electronically. Technology has advanced to where placing an effective eavesdropping device is simple.  Many devices are so small that they cannot be found via conventional searches.  Utilize our resources by having your residence or office swept for surveillance equipment by specially trained security investigators. Our private investigation counter surveillance specialists will give peace of mind about your security.  

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking devices are a very effective tool to track assets and gain insight into a persons activity.  When paired with a team of motivated professionals, it can produce very cost effective results quickly.  Our private investigators will show you how to use this technology legally for your investigation or security.      


There are times when the only way to determine the truth is by conducting surveillance.  Our licensed private investigators private investigation use various surveillance techniques to gain intel not available by other methods.  Surveillance can also be used to enhance security measures already deployed.    


Some cases only need professional in-depth research for a solution to be uncovered.  Our private investigation team utilizes proprietary research systems to find the truth for our clients.  Research often reveals potential security flaws in organizations and systems.    


In person interviews can be helpful in many private investigations.  Our detectives know how to obtain information from people whether or not they realize they are being interviewed.  Our detectives take witness statements that can be used in court or other venues to protect your security.     


There are times that you may experience a threat level that requires more than an investigation.  Our discreet security professionals can help.  We will design and execute a plan for you or your business.  Learn more about how a custom security plan can bring you peace of mind.  Contact our office for a consultation.